St Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
161 N. Murphy Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Texts to Services

The following texts are compiled by one of our parishioners at St Herman's (Cathy Kozachenko) - with the blessing of our Bishop (now Archbishop) Kyrill, and with a great debt of gratitude to the work and guidance of Father Gregory Williams of the St. John of Kronstadt Press (SJKP). 

If you find these service compilations useful, we ask that you pray for Father Gregory, who reposed in the Lord in October 2016.  Please also remember our parish of St. Herman of Alaska in Sunnyvale, CA. in your prayers. 

Any errors, typos, etc. are mine own for which I ask forgiveness. I am still learning the ropes.  - Cathy

Thirty-second Sunday After Pentecost - Sunday of Holy Fathers / Eve of Nativity

Thirty-third Sunday After Pentecost - Apodosis of Nativity & Holy Righteous Ones

Thirty-fourth Sunday After Pentecost - Afterfeast of Theophany & Synaxis of St John the Baptist

Thirty-fifth Sunday After Pentecost - Apodosis of Theophany & St Nina

Thirty-sixth Sunday After Pentecost - St Maximus the Confessor & Martyr Neophytus